Hailing from the pristine shores of beautiful Aotearoa (New Zealand), formed in 2004 in West Auckland, and currently running full throttle through a town near you! Engaging and uplifting, the dDub crew propel their way seamlessly through a powerful and non-stop rock-roots-reggae explosion. Horns, harmonies, and hands-high dDub tunes combine to create an elevating musical experience not to be missed.

"A long awaited recording for their substantial fan base, it loses none of the magical essence of a dDub live show. Pumping out a raw roots Pacifica aural experience with bold brass and unapologetic passion." Real Groove Magazine

"With eagerly anticipated new albums being released by the Red Hot Chili Peppers and the Black Seeds, it was always going to be difficult picking my album of the year. But in the depths of winter I think I've found it in the sublime summer sounds that make up the long-awaited debut album from dDub" Craccum magazine

"every track is uplifting and infinitely listenable. I thoroughly recommend waking up early on Monday and getting your copy. A slice of heaven made in NZ." Christchurch Press